By RANDY BRACHER | Baker City Herald

As a longtime resident of Umatilla County, I feel compelled to express my enthusiastic support for Todd Nash as the best candidate for state senator in District 29.

Todd Nash epitomizes the values we care about in Northeast Oregon: hard work, integrity, conservative principles and a deep respect for tradition. His extensive experience as a rancher, county commissioner and small-business owner has equipped him with an intimate understanding of the challenges our community faces on a daily basis.

What sets Todd apart from the typical politician is his genuine connection to the people he aims to represent. He’s not just seeking office; he’s a neighbor who comprehends the unique needs and aspirations of our district and wants to be our voice. Todd is unwavering in his commitment to safeguarding our way of life while actively advocating for progress that benefits us all.

Join me in rallying behind Todd Nash for Senate. Let’s elect a leader who will authentically reflect our values and tirelessly champion our collective future. When you cast your vote this May, remember to support Todd Nash — the candidate poised to make a real difference in our community.

Randy Bracher