Todd Nash is the most qualified candidate to replace Sen. Bill Hansell in Senate District 29. I have served with Todd on the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Board and various committees. I have seen him in action for several sessions of the Oregon Legislature as OCA president and also as a Wallowa County commissioner. In both of those positions, he made numerous trips to Washington, D.C., to lobby Congress for the OCA and our rural communities and people in Oregon.

Todd developed working relationships and networked with both state and national legislators in those roles, on both sides of the aisle, to address issues that impact all of us living in District 29. He has been a strong advocate of agriculture, local businesses and our rural communities during his terms at OCA and as a county commissioner.

He has worked diligently to develop fair and just policies in such areas as wolf depredation, public safety, government regulations and many other areas to the benefit of our rural counties and communities. His approach is to always find solutions that make sense for his constituents. With his contacts and network in Salem, Todd will be able to hit the ground running when elected.

Todd has deep ties and cares for our rural way of life and the people in Eastern Oregon. We strongly urge you to join us in supporting Todd Nash to represent Senate District 29.

Andy and Karen VanderPlaat