As a retired veteran who proudly served my country, it’s my honor to stand behind Todd Nash for Senate. Todd’s unwavering commitment to serving our veterans, combined with his dedication to upholding conservative values and defending our constitutional rights, distinguishes him as the undeniable choice to represent us in the state Senate.

As a father of two sons who have served, Todd understands firsthand the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women, and their families. He will ensure veterans receive the support they deserve, advocating for increased access to jobs and housing, and mental health resources to address the unique challenges they face during their transition back to civilian life.

Todd has 15-plus years of experience testifying, advocating, and working with the Legislature on behalf of our issues, and has built relationships on both sides of the aisle. He prioritizes local decision-making and smaller government. He recognizes the most effective solutions often originate from those intimately familiar with the issues at hand, and he empowers our local leaders.

Todd will protect, defend and advocate for our constitutional rights and freedoms in Salem, including the Second Amendment, which is important to me and many others in our community. He already has a proven track record including testifying numerous times before the Legislature, whereas his opponents do not.

I urge my fellow citizens to join me in supporting Todd Nash. With Todd as our senator, our voices will be heard, our values protected, and our veterans honored as they deserve.

Chuck Wilcox