Todd Nash has my enthusiastic support in the upcoming Senate District 29 election. Todd is honest, trustworthy, and firm on his principles, making him the best candidate to be our voice and protect our values.

Todd leads with integrity, and his dedication to upholding ethical standards is clear to anyone who has the opportunity to meet him and get to know him.

I am particularly impressed by Todd’s endorsement by pro-life advocates, as he is the only candidate to receive an endorsement from the Oregon Right to Life political action committee. This speaks volumes about his values and his dedication to defending the sanctity of life.

Todd’s children serving in our military reflect the strength of character and values instilled in them by their upbringing. It’s clear that Todd leads by example, nurturing a sense of duty and service in his family.

Todd’s approach to governance is refreshingly realistic. He doesn’t make empty promises. Instead, he offers practical solutions and a pragmatic outlook on what can be achieved in Salem.

In Todd Nash, we have a candidate who embodies integrity, family values, and a realistic approach to governance. I wholeheartedly endorse Todd for Senate and urge my fellow citizens to join me in supporting him for a brighter future for our community and casting their vote for Todd Nash this May.

Penny Ottmar