By JUNE & ROBERT JONES | La Grande Observer

We hope you will join us in voting for Todd Nash, whose dedication to conservative values and unwavering commitment to protecting our rights make him the right choice to serve and represent Senate District 29 and all our communities. Todd is a voice we can trust.

It’s crucial to have leaders who prioritize the preservation of our fundamental freedoms and uphold traditional values. Todd Nash embodies these principles with his advocacy for conservative ideals. He has and will continue to demonstrate a deep understanding of the importance of limited government, individual liberty and fiscal responsibility.

Todd’s character speaks volumes about his suitability for the role he seeks. He is a person of integrity and honesty and uses his elected power to do good for us and our communities. His commitment to serving with transparency and accountability sets him apart; he’s looking out for us and our livelihoods.

We are confident that Todd Nash will diligently work to represent our interests and safeguard our rights. His unwavering dedication to conservative principles ensures that our voices will be heard and our values upheld.

In Todd Nash, we have a candidate who not only shares our beliefs but also possesses the integrity and character necessary to effectively lead, guided by those beliefs and values. We urge our fellow citizens to join us in voting for Todd Nash, who will better our communities and protect our conservative values.

June and Robert Jones