By STEVE KRAMER | Baker City Herald

As a county commissioner deeply invested in the well-being of our region, I am proud to share my endorsement of Todd Nash’s candidacy for Senate District 29. Todd’s commitment to serving each county, community and corner of our district is unmatched.

Over the time we have worked together as fellow commissioners, I’ve seen Todd embody the qualities of a leader: integrity, experience, a listening ear and genuine concern for the needs of all constituents. His extensive background in public service and leadership roles exemplifies the depth of character and expertise necessary to navigate the complex challenges facing our state and make him the best advocate in Salem.

Anybody who knows Todd knows he prioritizes people over politics and works on behalf of the interests of all residents, rather than succumbing to the influence of a privileged few. He has built significant relationships at all levels and has become a trusted voice in the Legislature and state.

He is the only candidate with the proven track record of getting things done for the residents in Senate District 29. I urge voters to join me in supporting Todd Nash for Senate District 29. Together, let’s elect a leader who will uphold the values of fairness, transparency, and accountability in the halls of government.

Steve Kramer
Wasco County commissioner